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Title: Profile of Novel Flu Patients Admitted In Two Government Hospitals in Bangalore

A Comparative Study of the Novel Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitor Ezetimibe with Atorvastatin and Atorvastatin Alone in Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients with Primary Hypercholesterolemia

THYROID DYSFUNCTION IN TYPE 1 DIABETES Muralidhara Krishna C S*, C Vibha*, Manohar C S***, G S Anil Kumar*, K Nanda* ,G Sadanand*, Nisarga**, K L Mahadevappa*

Diabetes is becoming the leading cause of death in developing countries. Asymptomatic thyroid dysfunction is more common in diabetic population, particularly in type 1diabetes. High frequency of Hashimotos thyroiditis in type 1 diabetes cases has also been reported. The present study evaluates the levels of TSH, TmAb and lipid parameters in 36 type1 diabetes cases. TSH was significantly elevated in cases and TmAb was identified in 7 of the 36 cases studied. Presence of TmAb and elevation in TSH were more pronounced in female cases. Serum total cholesterol as well as LDL- cholesterol levels were significantly elevated and Serum HDL-cholesterol was significantly lowered in type 1 diabetics. Elevation in serum total cholesterol was more conspicuous in cases with thyroid antibodies.