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Congenital lobar emphysema (CLE) or congenital lobar over inflation is a rare pulmonary anomaly that causes respiratory distress in neonates. CLE presents significant challenges in diagnosis and management. We reported  a case of  two-month old infant with respiratory distress and pneumonia related to CLE affecting the left upper lobe. Lobectomy was performed under general anaesthesia with spontaneous and controlled lung Ventilation. The case was challenging, as it involved careful and planned anaesthetic management of lung separation as well as prevention of  hyperventilation of the un-involved lung.

Awake craniotomy for eloquent area surgery can be managed with different anaesthetic techniques ranging  from local anaesthetic with or without intravenous sedation to intermittent general anaesthesia with or without instrumentation of the airway, known as awake—awake—awake, asleep—awake—awake and asleep—awake—asleep craniotomy. We present a case of 34 year old male who was diagnosed to have Right frontal low grade glioma. Tumor resection was planned and decided to perform craniotomy with the patient being awake during the procedure, to allow intraoperative cortical mapping in order to preserve the language and motor functions.

Objectives: A comparative study to evaluate effect of pre-operative administration of oral aspirin and precurarization (with pancuronium) in prevention of suxamethonium induced myalgia.
Methodology Design and setting: Tertiary care teaching hospital. Subjects: The present study was carried out on 75 patients in age group of 16-65 years belonging to ASA grade I or II. The cases undergoing surgery under general anaesthesia where endotracheal intubation was considered desirable and in whom aspirin was not contraindicated.
Results: In entire case series of 75 patients, 52 (69.3%) had fasciculation. Out of them Group I patients has least i.e. 24% while group II and Group III had equal i.e 92%of patients having fasciculation.
Conclusion: Preoperative aspirin 600mg orally 1 hr before operation effectively reduces Suxamethonium induced pain and avoid complications associated with pretreatment with non-depolarising agents.
Key words: Oral aspirin, Suxamethonium, Fasciculation.