Objectives: A comparative study to evaluate effect of pre-operative administration of oral aspirin and precurarization (with pancuronium) in prevention of suxamethonium induced myalgia.
Methodology Design and setting: Tertiary care teaching hospital. Subjects: The present study was carried out on 75 patients in age group of 16-65 years belonging to ASA grade I or II. The cases undergoing surgery under general anaesthesia where endotracheal intubation was considered desirable and in whom aspirin was not contraindicated.
Results: In entire case series of 75 patients, 52 (69.3%) had fasciculation. Out of them Group I patients has least i.e. 24% while group II and Group III had equal i.e 92%of patients having fasciculation.
Conclusion: Preoperative aspirin 600mg orally 1 hr before operation effectively reduces Suxamethonium induced pain and avoid complications associated with pretreatment with non-depolarising agents.
Key words: Oral aspirin, Suxamethonium, Fasciculation.

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