“You could live on the ninth floor and say, ‘Hey, great, I don need to worry about storm surge and cheap celine bags outlet have impact windows.'”But when the power goes out, when the water gets turned off, when the sewer gets turned off now you in this big building and you on your own. I would not ask for an evacuation if it not necessary.”Kerkering and other emergency staff throughout the area will be posting regular updates on the storm and preparations on all of the city, county and law enforcement websites and social media pages.appreciate all you doing to keep us safe and we going to pray we don need any of your services,” Mayor Shelli Freeland Eddie said.Both Sarasota County and Manatee County emergency managers held press conferences stressing preparation. Both school districts have canceled Friday football games, and Manatee County moved all high school varsity football games to Thursday night.

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