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canada goose clearance Another curious and interesting legend is the one about a strange bridge on the Serchio river, in the Lucca surroundings (Borgo a Mozzano), called “Ponte del Diavolo” (Devil’s bridge). It was built in the XI Century according the will of the Countess Matilde di Canossa and has a very particular architecture. The legend narrates that the architect working at this project couldn’t finish it in the agreed terms and for this reason he made a contract with the Devil according to which he would have get the bridge ended in due terms. In change the Devil asked for the soul of the first person that would have crossed the bridge. The Devil ended the bridge in a night (that’s why the structure is so unusual) but the architect, regretting for what he had done, confessed the fact to a priest. He suggested him to avoid the misfortune with an expedient: the first one who would have crossed the bridge would have been a pig instead of a person! In this way the Devil had to take that soul and disappeared in the Serchio’s waters. canada goose clearance

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