KennedyTop 5 reveals from JFK Files so far including plots to kill Castro and Oswald speaking ‘broken Russian’Donald Trump ordered the release of 2,800 never seen before documents relating to the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963John F. Kennedy7 things that aren’t in the JFK files but probably should beHere’s what Donald Trump’s not telling us about the world’s biggest mysteryPMQsAyes to the Left podcast: Jared O’Mara revelations dampen another strong week for Jeremy CorbynThe Mirror’s Kevin Maguire, Nicola Bartlett and Mikey Smith ask whether Theresa May is getting worse as Jeremy Corbyn gets better and if the leader is getting help with PMQsAbortionThese 100 MPs want to stop people calling women ‘murderers’ when they get an abortion113 MPs and four party leaders including Jeremy Corbyn joined an appeal for “buffer zones” 50 years after the abortion was legalisedWhen is the Autumn Budget 2017? Predictions and rumours for Philip Hammond’s big financial statementChancellor Philip Hammond is preparing for his first Autumn Budget speech here are all the predictions and rumours so farPMQsWho won PMQs? Jeremy Corbyn notches up a hat trick of victories over floundering Theresa MayThe leader went on the attack over Universal Credit, the Tories’ flagship welfare reformDiane Abbott reveals Tory MPs used to mime weighing breasts while women spoke in ParliamentThe Shadow Home Secretary opened up about her experiences over the last 30 years as a slew of claims emerged about sex pest MPs and Cabinet ministersVince CableLib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable claims it’s ‘plausible’ he could return to GovernmentThe party boss insisted he wasn’t interested in power, but claimed he could still be called to the CabinetNHSTory minister says B owners COULD care for NHS patients and we shouldn’t ‘close our minds’ to itPhilip Dunne spoke out days after a hospital in Essex ditched plans to offer people 1,000 a month to host recovering patients in their spare roomsJeremy CorbynJeremy Corbyn ally Len McCluskey says he could be Prime Minister in 2019 if there’s a no deal Unite general secretary Len McCluskey believes the Tories are “scared stiff” of the leader, but fears they will be desperate to cling to power.

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