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cheap canada goose outlet I lived in both Mississauga and Hamilton. I havev been to Malton, but I been around most of the rest of Mississauga. I haven seen anything like Barton St. in Hamilton, or even parts of downtown. There may be small pockets of iffy areas, but nothing like the bad areas of Hamilton. Some of the places people have mentioned here (except for Malton, which I have no experience with) aren as good compared to the rest of the city, but they aren bad.The flip side is, most people may consider it more “boring” than Hamilton. Port Credit and Streetsville are the only really “walkable” areas, and I found the parks and trails around Hamilton to be nicer (mostly because it blessed with the escarpment and a million waterfalls). There still enough to do though, and you close to Toronto.The houses were cheaper and the neighbourhood nicer than anything we saw nearby in Mississauga. But we still only 5 minutes from the GO station at Clarkson, and a couple minutes drive from the QEW, 403, and 407. It really convenient.I seen some comments here about QEW and Erin Mills, and I would agree from what I seen in living in the area. But go to the other side of Winston Churchill south of the QEW, and things are quite a bit nicer. cheap canada goose outlet

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