The Kamm lab has been developing microfluidic platforms over the past 10 years with the aim of studying various aspects of metastatic disease. The basic platform technology (Chen, Nature Prot, 2017) that facilitates simultaneous 3D, multi cell type cultures has been applied to investigations of EMT (Aref, IB, 2013), tumor cell migration with interstitial flow (Polacheck, PNAS, 2011), intravasation (Zervantonakis, PNAS, 2013 and extravasation (Chen, Integr Biol, 2013, Chen, Cancer Res, 2016), both through planar monolayers and vascular networks grown by a vasculogenesis like process. In addition, canada goose outlet canada goose outlet Kamm’s Mechanobiology Lab has contributed significantly to our general understanding of the fundamental processes leading to mechanotransduction, and the factors that both transmit forces through cells, and convert those forces into biochemical signals.

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