Abstract: No doubt it is rightly said that abdomen is a temple of surprises. The case presented here is one of the uncommon entity which a surgeon encounters . Abdominal  mass always presents a diagnostic dilemma to the treating surgeon because of various structures from which it can arise. Mesentric mass in particular is one such aspect which always poses a difficullty to surgeon because of the extension of the mesentry right across the abdomen from right iliac fossa to left hypochondrium. The mass of the mesentry ranges from cystic mass to solid mass. The case that follows is a solid mass which is an uncommon variety of lymph node neoplasm- Castleman disease.

Keywords: Femoral hernia, peritonitis

ABSTRACT  Sir Hernandez Altemir  had described  in 1986 that submental intubation is a useful technique as an alternative to tracheostomy in selected patients allowing undisturbed access to oral and nasal airways and with a good dental occlusion. We report a case of haemangioma right upper lip extending to the right nasolabial region for which submental orotracheal intubation was done. This is a rare indication in contrast to the usual indication of submental intubation for complex craniomaxillofacial trauma cases. The submental approach for intubation allowed an unhindered surgical approach and ease of maintaining the airway thereby avoiding the need for tracheostomy.

ABSTRACT We report a case of 65 year female with 7 days history of pain in abdomen, vomiting, constipation and abdominal distension. X-Rays abdomen showed multiple air fluid levels and dilated small bowel loops. Ultrasound abdomen showed dilated gut loops and stone in the gall bladder.Exploratory laparotomy was done and a single 4×3 cm round stone with smooth surface was found in terminal ileum.

Abstract Congenital anomalies of the gall bladderinclude its complete absence, hypoplasia and atresia, duplication, excessive mobility and ectopias, but they are very rare.Suprahepaticanteriorly placed gall bladder with chronic budd chiari syndrome is an extremely rare congenital anomaly. We report incidental radiological findings associated with a 66 yr old male, with no past history of related symptoms,who was admitted for evaluation after a history of assault. Imaging by computed tomographydemonstrated suprahepatic anteriorly placed gall bladder and portal vein with chronic budd chiari syndrome.